Into the Woods

I hate being cold. I hate seeing my loved ones get cold. I guess this might be why I love knitting so much! When I started dreaming up a design for a hat and convertible mitts to function as the ultimate warm accesories, I decided to zero in on the parts of me that get coldest, fastest, when I am out and about in the winter months: my ears, and my fingers. Using that a a starting point, I worked up a design for a dapper, plaid hat and mitts that would harness the intese softmness and warmth of Suri Dream and concentrate it exactly where it will be needed: lining the earflaps and mitten tops of our Into The Woods hat and mitts!

These are unisex patterns for a hunting cap with a knitted brim and warm WARM alpaca-lined earflaps, and a pair of convertible mitts with flip-tops also lined in warm luxurious alpaca. There is an option for full thumbs or half-thums for the texting addicts out there, and the plaid stitch pattern looks much more complicated than it is! Available in geeen with icy blue accents or a more traditional red with almost-black accents, there is sure to be someone in your life who will adore these accessories!

I made the blue/green mitts for my partner’s birthday last week, and he loved them! He has blue-green eyes so when the hat is done (what?! you don’t finish knitting a gift before you give it, do you?!) I know it’s going to look just smashing on him! And on me, every time I borrow it! 😉