Kate plus 9?

We had a Halloween party in the office today.  My coworkers are so creative, it’s really fun to see their Halloween costumes each year.  This year, my coworkers were scheming behind my back.  I was completely surprised when I came into the office to see everyone dressed as me!  It is so strange to keep running into people who look like me all day–it’s like I’m in Where’s Waldo!

I think they did a pretty good job!  I found some pictures of me to compare.  Bright blue, purple, and green plus layers, stripes, and glasses will make anyone look like me!

I actually was wearing a costume today, so I wasn’t myself!  

I knit a Ravenclaw scarf and the Owls sweater to be a Hogwarts student from Harry Potter.  I’m using a Harmony straight needle for my wand!

Jenna and Jenni from Connecting Threads made really beautiful goddess costumes.

Here’s customer service!

And Connecting Threads, Artist Club, and Accounting!  There are some football players, a Colleen Card (get it?), a musketeer, Minnie Mouse, Alice from Resident Evil, and a peacock!

We took a group photo all together.  And Willie the dog joined us!

What a fun day!  I’m going to go find some Halloween candy now…