I’m knitting a hat…

Some of you may have seen the video of me getting a seed stitch lesson from Kerin during our lunch break last week.  In the video, I was working on what ultimately became a long swatch of different stitch types.  After realizing that my swatch was never going to be a scarf that anyone would want to wear, I decided to try knitting a hat.  On Friday night, I sat down with my 16″ circulars and a ball of yarn and had my entire 2″ band done before I noticed the part in the pattern that says “be careful not to twist your ring of stitches.”  Oops.  At this point, my entire row had been twisted and turned close to 50 times and the whole thing looked like a hot mess.  After getting confirmation from my mom over the weekend that there was no salvaging my work, I decided to start over. 

Now I’m curious: what are some of the trials and tribulations that you all have run into?  Being such the beginner that I am, I could really use some tips from people who have knit up a few hats in their day.  What specific things should one look out for?  Do you have any (really easy) pattern suggestions?  I’d love to hear any advice that you have.  Thanks in advance for your help!