Ideal Knit-A-Long (KAL) for first-timers!

I launched my Mitten Tutorial KAL last week and, after reading the posts, I realized that it is a perfect forum for any knitter who has been hesitant to join a KAL before.

Number One

The lesson and project is small and simple. It’s all about learning as opposed to finishing a project. You can participate without knitting at all! Just follow the lessons, maybe write down a few notes and then chat with all of the members.

Number Two

I am thrilled to see that a couple of our most engaging members, like Cheryl and KnitterGirl39 have joined the group. Lots of encouragement and knowledge to share.

Number Three

We just started last week and the accompanying video was a simple review of mitten basics. You can join right now and not feel like you have to do a whole bunch of catching up.

No matter how busy you may be, think about joining my Mitten Lesson KAL. You can learn how to make mittens and how to enjoy the on-line companionship that a KAL provides.

Hope to see you there!