I should have listened to Kelley (AGAIN!)

I thought I’d learned my lesson ages ago when I knit the ugly watersock/slipper (remember that?). When it comes to knitting, I should listen to Kelley. Or I could have listened to Marci or Tina or Brett or any of the other many people who tried to tell me the body of my sweater was much too big. But I knit on. I had rationalizations. I had gauge. I could always steek a little extra if it was a tiny bit big. I had already cast on 3 times, and I was NOT doing it again.

I finally had to face the truth at craft night last week when Kelley staged an intervention and insisted I try on my knitting.
It was 16 inches too big.


Kelley ripped it out and did the cast on for me. I think she and Xena felt a little sorry for me.

While Kelley ripped and cast on, I frogged Karen’s abandoned scarf so she can start over with a clean slate too.

Now that I’m almost back to where I was in the pattern when we frogged it, I can look back and laugh. But it was a rough night. I have to publicly thank everyone in the Classic Lines Cardigan KAL for all their support. I should always listen to Kelley. <