I just want to spend the entire day knitting!

Woke up this morning in one of my hibernating moods. I just want to stay home and knit all day long! I’ve turned the heel on my second Lindsay sock and am moving along nicely down the foot.

I need to put my Classic Lines Cardigan back on the needles. On Friday I had put it on a scrap piece of yarn to check the fit. Back on the needles and I will have a few inches of simple stockinette knitting.That’s it! Nothing too exciting but I love both of those projects!

I did have time for knitting this weekend. I worked on my sock while wandering around the Vancouver Farmer’s Market with Xena’s breeder. And, while I was knitting at home I listened to a collection of African music on my iTouch. Then I had a scathingly brilliant idea! (From one of my favorite movies – The Trouble With Angels) Whenever I heard a song that made me want to dance, I added it to a new iTunes Folder marked “trampoline”. These are the albums I have in my Africa playlist.

Spirit of Africa – Dan Gibson
Long Walk to Freedom – Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Impressions of Africa, Vol. I
Impressions of Africa, Vol. II

I have one of those small, round trampolines but I don’t use it. But, if I had exhilarating music on it, I could jump to the rhythm! I need to add six or seven more songs and I will have half an hour of jumping/dancing!

Need to get ready for the day in a little while. Umm, a second cup of coffee? <