Hue Shift Afghan Kits – Now Back In Stock!

Oh happy day – our beloved Hue Shift Afghan Kits are back in stock!

Hue Shift Afghan Kits from Knit Picks

Hue Shift has been our most popular pattern for almost 5 years now. And it’s easy to see why! The pattern is simple to memorize (love those mitered squares) and the blend of colors is to die for. Not to mention the price for the materials. When you buy the pattern bundled with our favorite colorways, the total cost for the pattern and yarn is even more affordable!

This is a favorite pattern of mine – it was so addicting to knit, each square has a unique sequence of colors so I was never bored and it was so fun to watch the blanket grow. Mitered squares are so satisfying to knit – if you haven’t tried them, be sure to check out our tutorials!

For the kits, you can choose from the original rainbow version (my favorite):

Hue Shift Afghan - Rainbow version from Knit Picks

Hue Shift Afghan - Rainbow colorway from Knit Picks

Or the lovely jewel tones version, for a rich and sophisticated piece.

Hue Shift Afghan - Jewel Colorway from Knit Picks

Hue Shift Afghan - Jewel Colorway from Knit Picks

Or pick up the Decor Kit, where the neutral shades and pops of color will be at home in any room.

Hue Shift Afghan - Decor Colorway from Knit Picks

Hue Shift Afghan - Decor Colorway from Knit Picks

If you prefer to pick your own colors, our Brava Sport line has over 40 colors to choose from – any color combination would look wonderful in this pattern. Or for a slightly bigger blanket, you can use a heavier weight yarn – I used Mighty Stitch for mine and I love it to bits! I’m actually tempted to knit another one – and I don’t really care for knitting large blankets!

Get cracking and you’ll have a fantastic blanket to snuggle under when the colder weather hits.

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  1. Karen Evans / July 2, 2017

    Hi. Do you ship to Cyprus as I would love to do this blanket. I would be ordering 2 kits as I want a slightly larger blanket…yes it does get cold here in the winter.

    • admin / July 5, 2017

      Hi Karen, unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to ship to Cyprus.

  2. Gretchen / June 30, 2017

    Do you sew all the squares together when you’re done?

  3. CC / June 29, 2017

    The pattern has you create 4 sections which are mattress seamed together. Is there a way that this can be knit without having to do that?

    • admin / July 5, 2017

      Hi! We’re not sure, there may be other ways to knit the afghan but to create it as is will include seaming the 4 sections together.

  4. ErnestInd / June 29, 2017

    Can you crochet this pattern?

  5. Aquanetta Powell / June 29, 2017

    Is there a crochet pattern for this afghan? I am impressed with colors of the pattern and would love to make it.