Dive into Dying Yarn!

Dying your own yarn can be so much fun! DIY your very own color palette for your next project or experiment with zany hand painted colorways for the perfect pair of socks that are just so you! We have yarn perfect for dying, kits and a large range of books tailored for dyers of all skill levels.

Dying Yarn - Greener Shades Beginner Yarn Dyeing Kit from Knit Picks

If you’re not sure what you need to get started, our Greener Shades Beginner Yarn Dyeing Kit is the perfect place to begin. Three different yarns (so you can see which you like best!), nine different colors along with mordant to help set the dye and a copy of Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece will have you ready to dye in no time. If you’d like to see a staff project using Greener Shades dye, Heidi wrote a lovely little blog post about her First Adventure in Dyeing here!

Dying yarn - Bare Yarns from knitpicks.com

Speaking of dyeable yarns, almost all of our yarn lines have dyeable Bare hanks available to play around with (including a wicked discount on 20 packs of yarn, available here). From Glimmer‘s sparkly Stellina (perfect for socks and shawls!) to our bestselling Wool of the Andes (ideal for hard-wearing sweaters and accessories) we’ve got a huge range to choose from.

Dying Yarn - Indigo Tie Dye Kit from Knit Picks

My personal favorite is our Indigo Dye Kit. I’ve dyed everything from clothing and linens to handknits with these kits over the years and loved the results!

Dying Yarn - Botanical Dye Kit from Knit Picks

The Earthues Botanical Dye Kit is the ideal starter kit for those who are new to natural dyes as well as those who want to experiment with color without the use of harsh chemicals! Color extracts include madder (red tone), Osage Orange, Logwood Purple with iron (which will shift the color to Logwood Grey) and cutch (brown tone).

Want to see more posts about dyeing? We have a great roundup of past staff projects and tutorials below!

An Intro to Natural Dyeing

Intro to Jacquard Dyeing

Dyeing with Bare Hare (featuring Jacquard, Earthues Botanical Dye and Greener Shades dyes)