Home Stretch!

I’ve been dragging my heels on finishing my sweater for our online Sweater Class, becuase…well, it’s hot and so worsted weight is not all that attractive right now…but I think the real reason is something bigger. I’m always a little slow at the end of a project like this, because I feel a little scared to finish! I’ve already spent so much time working on this piece, and I suppose I want to extend the anticipation of what is to come for just a few more days…or weeks…or, in the case of some of my UFOs, years!

I only need to sew an underarm, weave in some ends, and knit the collar, and I’ve tried the sweater on as it is and find that it fits great. I know I’m going to love wearing it, and that’s what I need to focus on now, while I’m looking for the courage to take the plunge and finish what I started. Rather than imagine all the possible outcomes of this project (it fit’s! It felted! It’s 6 inches too long! The color makes me look dead!) it’s time to just move forward and accept the sweater for what it is. Move on to the next stage of our relationship and take it as it comes.

I love the look of the full-fashioned raglan seams here.

Our Sweater Class Graduation will officially occur here on the blog this coming Wednesday. A lot of you have already shared your finished sweaters and your progress with me and it has been so exciting and inpiring to see what you all created! If you still have stuff to share, photos or stories of your sweater knitting experience, you still have a few days to do it! Send them to designer.nina@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to include them in our festivites.

Happy knitting,