Hello, 2021! Our Crafty Resolutions
An enamel pin that says "Make Wear Mend"

With the fervent season of holiday crafting and gift making winding down, we’re shifting our creative focus to the soul-recharging thought of the upcoming new year and the myriad opportunities it will provide to our winter-weary hearts. Here they are, in no particular order— our personal crafting resolutions!

A model wears a purple knitted tank top
Easy Layering Tank Pattern
Hillary's headshot

Hillary Elliott, Catalog Director

One of my goals for 2021 is to make all my clothes (or purchase used, if I’m feeling fancy). My crafty resolution is to work on making staple pieces for my wardrobe! I have my eye on knitting some socks for the first time along with some simple tanks to layer under my flannels. 

Regan wearing WeCrochet's Winter Cable Hat

Regan Nishikawa, Photographer

To steal from Hillary, I also have a goal to knit my first (and hopefully more after) pair of socks. 

A knitted baby sweater holding a teddy bear
"Producer" Sarah Headshot

Sarah Nairalez, Digital Content Creator

One of my goals for 2021 is to shift from always making knit accessories and toys and try to make a garment. Maybe a small one. 

A pile of Lee's prepped roving batts
A pile of Lee’s prepped roving
Lee Wearing a sweater

Lee Meredith, Graphic Designer

My big resolution is to spin yarn in 2021! I’d planned to in 2020 but just rarely found the motivation and I’ve made no dent in my fiber stash, so turning some of that fiber into yarn will be my 2021 goal! I also plan to continue not buying any new clothes and to make clothes from my fabric stash! And I resolve to mend clothes that have been in need of mending for a long time and I’ve kept putting it off.

A knitted hat on a blocking mat
Kate headshot

Kate Millard, Administrative Assistant

My crafty plans for 2021? Cables, cables, and more cables! I recently made my first cabled hat and I am excited to make more. I’ve had it in mind to knit the Payne Hat, which happens to be a favorite pattern among my coworkers.

The Sugar Twist Cowl
The Sugar Twist Cowl
Heather Headshot

Heather Mann, Influencer Outreach Coordinator

I’m mostly a crocheter but I know the basics of knitting. I knit continental so my goal in 2021 is to learn the Norwegian Purl because I heard somewhere that’s easier for continental knitters. Then I’d like to knit some basic stuff. I love Stacey’s Sugar Twist Cowl!

What are YOUR resolutions? Tell us about them!


  1. Angel / December 31, 2020

    Also a combination knitter here, Best of both worlds!

  2. Meredith MC / December 29, 2020

    Hi Heather, I’m a continental knitter too, and I didn’t think the Norwegian purl was worth the trouble. I prefer combination knitting- which is an easier way to purl, but it seats your stitch with the left leg in front. It’s really easy to learn and made me much faster, and solved my rowing out problems. Good luck, whatever technique you tackle!

    • Heather Mann / January 12, 2021

      Thanks, Meredith! I will look into that!