Have you tried Zephyr needles, yet?

I am ridiculously excited about our announcement of the Zephyr needles. This time last year I was traveling in Ireland happily knitting on my Aran Cardigan using the first samples. The light weight, sharp points and slight flexibility made working the cables an absolute joy! The hard part was taking care not to show the “sample” needle tips in my photos.

I’ve been using the “second draft” samples for my Moderne Baby Blanket knitting.

Finally, we have been able to share them with you. I know we have had many orders but I don’t think any needles have actually arrived at their new homes. Once you receive your Zephyr needles, could you do me a favor? Add a comment to this post and let me know your first impressions. That would help ease my anxiety quite a bit. 🙂

Thanks! <