My Handmade Holiday

I’ve noticed on some of the message boards that a few of you have completed your handmade gifts for this holiday season. Me too! I made 3 things. I mean, I made a lot more, but in 3 different categories. Check it out!


After Hannah made a couple of these donuts (you can see hers in this post), I wanted to make some, too. So I made one, stuffed it, dug out my seed bead collection, and sewed some on with invisible thread. Suddenly, I was hooked (it’s crochet so, you know, so the pun is intended). I made three, and my kids eyes’ lit up saying, “Want o play DONUT STORE?” I made a few more, and by this time, they were flying off my hook. So in the end I made 8 (not including the few for my family, and our tree) in Brava Sport Yarn. I found perfect individual baking boxes for them, added baker’s twine, and will be giving them to friends and neighbors with a tag that says “Something sweet for your tree”.


A while ago I reported that I was doing something called “The Preciosa Project”, aspiring to make a hat for every teacher at our daycare. Since the teachers move rooms a lot, my girls have a total of 13 teachers. Well, I’ve completed the project, and these hats will be gifted next week! I toiled over whether to assign colors to each teacher. Color seems like such a personal thing to me. So I’m going to put each one in these simple white gift bags with a gift tag tied on in the same color as the hat. I’ll tell the teachers to pick a bag based on their favorite color string, and they’ll have chosen their favorite color hat! The pattern is the Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho. I used a 5mm/size 8 needle (I love the Shorty Set for these) and dpns, and knit the second size, listed for a child, in Preciosa Tonal Yarn, (almost every color). I have some left, of course. I’ve been picking up my needles once in a while to make the smallest size of the pattern, when a child I know needs a winter hat. I used the small pompom maker for all of them, and they were done in no time!


Did you get to see the recent Peanuts Movie? I have not, but I really want to. I love Peanuts! Gap came out with an adorable line of clothing that sold out so fast. I as able to nab this adorable intarsia sweater for my nephew, and decided to make him a matching amigurumi Snoopy to go with it. Cute and cuddly, he’s made from this (free!) pattern, in Swish Worsted Yarn in white and black.

That’s my handmade holiday for this year! I actually really enjoyed making things en masse, which is so unlike how I usually like to craft! I’m trying to take advantage of this momentum by starting an Just Crafty Enough’s Advent Calendar (Ravelry link). I have a year to do 24 mittens. I can manage that, right? Tune in next Christmas, to find out :).

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  1. Gjj / December 18, 2015

    Lovely, all of them!