Gifts for the Interminably Picky

I have a few people in my life that aren’t keen on wearing crocheted goods and their objections vary quite a bit.  Some think crocheting looks “hippie-ish”, others think it makes you look like a doily. Whatever the reason, it creates a problem for gift-giving. Since I’m still warming-up my skills after years of disuse, I generally stick to giving simple hats and scarves; they require very little resources and, more importantly, tend to actually go into use. I say this with very, very great displeasure:  No one has ever used any of the potholders I’ve crocheted for holding a hot item. So, if I don’t want to give what’s tantamount to wall art, I turn to cozies.

Of course not all cozies are created equal; they range from the truly utilitarian to the truly ludicrous/endearing.  For my purposes, I think a cell phone cover strikes a nice balance.  


I made this with Wool of the Andes (in Currant) and a tiny bit of Stroll Glimmer (in Frost) for the trim. This particular pattern in an amalgamation of several that I’ve seen, but there are plenty of other phone cover variations out there to choose from. Or, ooh la la, maybe you have fancy eReader friends?

I can’t be the only one with crochet-garment-avoiders in my life, right? What other small/useful items are ideal for the haters? I still have a few more people on my list.