Gifts for Everyone!

Have you seen the Gift Guide portion of our website? If you’re shopping for a fiber enthusiasts, we have so many, many great products, kits, books, and so much more that they’ll absolutely love. Here are some of my favorites. See if anyone you know might like them!

For the Newbie:


We released these amazing “Learn to Knit Club” kits in 2015, and I think they’re just so charming! If you know someone who has always wanted to learn (and keeps bugging you to teach them, perhaps) these kits make a charming gift. They contain everything the newbie needs, including a tiny pin to wear once they’ve completed their project. You could also email your recipient a link to our online classes. They take a beginner through each step, so your phone won’t be ringing when they get stuck half way through.  I love these kits for their packaging. The sturdy box has adorable graphics and provides a fun place to store tools or accessories for years to come.

For the Expert:


I tell you what most knitters like: yarn. yarn, yarn, and more yarn. Because this is a fact we know quite well, we put together the Palette Sampler – one ball of every single shade of Palette yarn. That’s 150 balls of yarn total, at a savings of 19%. So if you know someone who loves fingering weight yarn, loves colorwork, or just loves color (mostly in the form of yarn), this sampler will knock her socks off – for sure!

For the Stocking:


We have so many small, adorable items on the site, perfect for stuffing a stocking. From tiny practical tools like view sizers and stitch holders, to fancier things like yarn ball earings, and key holders you’re sure to find things that a knitter you know would delight in unwrapping, and find useful to have throughout the year. I’m in love with these safety pins with tiny bells. Why not get a small zip pouch and fill it with small tools? I think, as a knitter, I’d like this best of all.

Whatever the preference of the crafter you know, we have so many great items in our gift guide pages. Have a browse through, and if you can’t decide, a gift card will always do!