Gift Cards to the Rescue!

Looking for a last minute gift for your favorite crafter? Don’t panic, you’ve still got time to get the gift that always fits: GIFT CARDS, of course!

The best part about gifting a Knit Picks gift card? You get to relax and enjoy another cup of hot chocolate; your recipient gets to indulge in their every fiber fancy. Everyone wins!

knit picks gift card holiday
If you’re looking to give a gift card in time for Christmas, just be sure to get your order in before 9am PST tomorrow, Wednesday December 23rd. And that’s it – no lines, no stores, no stressing over finding that last parking spot at the mall.

We’ve even got several festive designs to choose from, here are just a few of my favorite styles for the holiday season!

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And a little gift card tip: if you’re planning on surprising someone with a gift card, be sure to enter your email address for the recipient email (gift cards are sent via email only). Then, simply print out the gift card email and place it in a cute card or in a big box (to throw them off, a classic but always fun approach to gift giving)!