Getting to Know You

Because I am so new to Knit Picks – and the knitting
community in general – I thought I would make it one of my first tasks to get
to know some of you who follow us on our blog, Twitter and Facebook.  I recently reached out to some of my new Twitter friends and asked them to share their projects with me and to
tell me a little bit about their experience with knitting. 

It was my honor to get to talk to these five ladies and I am really excited to share
some of their information with the rest of you!  They are
 each very talented and I encourage
you to get to know more about them through their pages on Ravelry, their Twitter
pages, Etsy pages, and through their blogs.


Mary Jo C. (Twitter: @KnitChick1979 // Ravelry Name: KnitChick1979 //

Mary Jo is an extremely passionate
knitter from Norridge, IL.  Her enthusiasm about her projects
– and knitting in general – is
 very contagious and she is a joy
to talk with.
  Mary Jo most recently completed the Season 13 sport-weight pattern of the Doctor Who scarf by Tara Wheeler.  For the scarf, Mary Jo used Knit Picks’ Telemark sport
weight yarn
in a variety of colors.  To view Mary Jo’s project page
for the scarf, click here.

Mary Jo has been an avid knitter
for about six and a half years.  Her first project was a Fun Fur
scarf which she made to wear at Easter.
  Her next projects were a sheep toy
and 2 needle mittens.  Soon after, she took a class on
how to knit socks.
  She has since completed a great
number of projects and I encourage you all to check them out on her Ravelry


Erica O. (Twitter: @nephthys8 // Ravelry Name:

Erica is a very sweet woman from Arlington, VA who has been knitting for about
two and a half years now.  Erica taught herself how to knit
after reading a knitting book and viewing tutorials online.
  Her first project was a scarf that she made for her friend in
  Erica described the scarf saying
“The whole thing is done in seeded rib
stitch and definitely isn’t
perfect.”  When I read this, I laughed a
little bit because I really don’t think that anyone’s first project is ever
perfect; the scarf I am working on right now sure isn’t! 

Right now, Erica is knitting two
Wallaby sweaters by Carol Anderson.  She is making the sweaters for her
cousin’s two children, a boy and a girl.
 For the project, Erica chose Knit
Picks’ Wool of the Andes yarn
because of its
100% natural fiber, inexpensive price, and the great variety of colors.
  To view Erica’s progress on the sweaters and to see what else she is working on, visit her
projects page on Ravelry.  Erica’s progress looks amazing and
I am really excited to see pictures when the sweaters are finished!  To view the Wallaby Sweater pattern, click here.


Jennifer C. (Twitter:
// Ravelry Name: NotoriousJWC)

Jennifer is a very inspiring woman
from Roanoke, VA.  Her story of how she began to
knit was something that I related very deeply to and I am so pleased
I am able to share it with all of you. 

“I learned how to knit originally from my grandmother at a very young age, but she had Parkinson’s
and was unable to teach me how to purl.
Two years ago in
 January, I took a course at
Hollins University
called Mathematical Knitting.
  It was here I learned that my grandmother had taught me left
handed, and continental.
  After many trials and
tribulations, I figured out how to purl and now I am rarely without a project
my hands.
  As an adult with ADHD, knitting
in class has helped me to focus and center myself during lectures.”

Currently, Jennifer is working on a pair of Gnome Socks by Spilly Jane. For the socks, she is using a
variety of colors from the Knit Picks Palette line.
  Her most recently completely project was a custom knit sweater
for Thistledown Puppets
that she made especially for their Christmas
show.  The sweater is absolutely
adorable and I am sure it was a great addition to the show!  To see the finished sweater, click here.


Laura G. (Twitter: @rainbowdarling
// Ravelry Name: rainbowdarling // Blog:

Laura is an absolute sweetheart and
a really incredible knitter from Cleveland, OH who has knit some really
beautiful pieces
.  One of my favorite of Laura’s projects was a bag that she
designed by herself for a Broadway Musical-themed swap gift.  The bag is really stunning – something that I would
definitely flaunt.
  Click here to check it out on
Laura’s project page
Laura’s bag was knit using Knit Picks’ CotLin yarn
in Harbor. 

Some of Laura’s other recently
completed pieces include a scarf that she made for her brother that she knit
using Knit Picks’ Swish DK in Forest Heather and a Hemlock Ring blanket that
she made with our Wool of the Andes yarn. 
Laura’s blog is a wonderful read and I highly suggest it to anyone who
appreciates the world of fiber arts.   


Agnes H. (Twitter: @longhairagnes // Etsy:
// Facebook:

Agnes has got to be one of the most
creative people I have ever gotten to talk with!  Agnes has designed and knit a wonderful collection
of hair pieces that she sells on her Etsy page.   She also knits projects for herself and her family.  One of my favorite projects that Agnes shared
with me is the sweater she is making for her husband.  She described the sweater as consisting of
“knitting in the form of ribbing and stockinet, in combination with Tunisian
crocheting.”  For the sweater, Agnes is
using one of my favorites: Knit Picks’ Swish Worsted, 100% Superwash Merino
in Truffle.  In addition to the
sweater she is making for her husband, Agnes is also knitting up a sweater for
herself, some toe-up socks and a dress. 

Agnes has been actively knitting
for about four years.  She learned to
knit (officially) about 15 years ago from her mother who encouraged her to
start with a “big long swatch” before she took on anything “real”.  From there, she made a sweater.  I don’t know about you but, if you ask me, I
think that’s pretty incredible.  If I
ever make it past the scarf I am knitting now, I highly doubt that a sweater
will be my next endeavor.  That’s just me

Like me, Agnes started out with
crochet but always had a lot of respect for knitting.  Agnes’ switch over to knitting occurred when
she decided she wanted to learn how to knit a cable, then how to knit
socks.  As she was learning all of the
tricks and techniques, she fell in love.  


I really appreciate all of the time that each of these women
has given me and I hope that you all enjoyed reading about these wonderful
ladies and their projects.  I love to
hear about projects that our friends and followers are working on.  Direct Message me on Twitter at KP_Alisha anytime
to tell me about what you’ve got on your needles!