The Bus is my muse

I am very excited because today I officially published my first pattern, Kitty Cat Paw Mitts and Hat, as an IDP designer, and I owe it all to my cat, The Bus (and Stacey!).

I’ve blogged about The Bus before, he is my very charismatic and very surly Siamese cat. He is mostly brown with little white feet. This year when I was trying to pick a costume for Halloween, I was struck by a stroke of genius and decided to dress up as my cat. I had Marshmallow, Dogwood Heather, and Bittersweet Heather Simply Cotton in my stash, so I whipped up a quick kitty hat and matching mitts and dressed in all white and brown. I added some whiskers and a collar and presto chango- instant Bus costume.

Stacey knew I was working on my costume, she saw me working on it in meetings in the office, and she knew I was making up the pattern as I went along. When I modeled my results for her, I was surprised when she asked if I’d want to submit it to IDP. I am so thrilled and honored to be participating in the IDP program. I hope you guys like the pattern. If anyone else dresses up as The Bus, I’d love to see your photos, and I’m sure he would too!