Fresh Picked Colors

I always love choosing new colors for our yarns, but it’s no secret that Palette is my ‘baby’. So, when we decided that it was time to make the big move to 150 colors, I set out to not just ‘fill in’, but add a whole set that not only complements the existing colors but is evocative in itself. And so I am super excited to present our new Palette colors for 2012!

The set was inpired by so many things: new growth, delicacy, and the hints of colors that lie at the edges of grey.

We’ve increased the line of sheepy heathers:

And picked a range of the softest Victorian pinks and violets.

But my favorite, of course, is named for my very favorite furry kid: Finnley Heather!

Inspired by his fuzzy belly, Finnley Heather is a soft blend of cream and grey. So pretty!

I hope that these new colors inspire you as much as they inspire me. I see so much potential in just these colors alone – and with the other 120 colors of Palette, the possibilities are truly endless!

What will you make with these new colors?