Announcing the Winners of Our “Endless Summer” Pinterest Contest!

As a sentimental type, I want to first express how simultaneously wonderful and difficult the experience of judging this contest was. Looking at each board almost felt like meeting a person—some humorous, some artful, some obvious nature-lovers or foodies or film enthusiasts. I was particularly touched by the numerous personal (and fab) “vintage summer photos” of yourselves and family, no matter how unsure you were of your hair in the 70’s. As mentioned in the original post for the contest, I maintain that summer (faults and all) is a magical time; even for the myriad who aren’t winning a spiffy prize, I hope that entering this contest reminded you of that, even in the slightest way. Oh, and I’ll also add – I learned that VERY MANY of you folks are lovin’ some Fifty Shades of Grey this Summer of 2012. I am positively scandalized!


On with the announcement! The grand prize goes to Valerie—who made a board so fresh and cool, we could almost taste the raspberry lemonade:

Now for the runners-up – here they are, in no particular order:

Erin—who charmed us with a subtle, sophisticated color palette and a knockout triptych of Grace Kelly:

Heather—who took a risk and (wisely) went nerdcore on us with a hilarious “Game of Thrones” themed board:

Leslie—whose bold, red-infused color story was impossible to miss:

So congratulations to all! And thanks again to everyone who participated; wherever today finds you, I hope summer is treating you beautifully.