Free Tipsy Eyelets Facecloth

Welcome to Week 39 of our Clean & Crafty Free Pattern series! It’s hard to believe we are 3/4 of the way through 2017 – where did the time go? As we say farewell to September and welcome October with open arms, we have a fun little project for you – check out the Tipsy Eyelets Facecloth!

Free Tipsy Eyelets Facecloth from

This cute facecloth by Faith Schmidt takes a meandering stroll through eyelets and texture to bring to life a neat stitch pattern, possibly mimicking a walk home after a night out…but maybe that’s just me. Using CotLin, this is the perfect pattern for a facecloth, as the yarn will get softer every time you use it and the texture feels great when giving your face a gentle scrub. Incidentally, the lovely and talented Faith is also the designer of our first 12 Weeks of Gifting free pattern, the Checkerboard Throw.

Be sure to download this great pattern at the links below – and check back here each week to see the newest pattern.

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