Free Knits and Purls Dishcloth Pattern

Welcome to Week 25 of our Clean & Crafty Free Pattern series! With simple knits and purls, you can create beautiful and fun texture. Our free dishcloth pattern this weeks gives you lots of practice with these skills  – check out the Knits and Purls Dishcloth.

Free Knits and Purls Dishcloth Pattern from

Perfect for beginners, this fun dishcloth by Ann Weaver has 5 popular stitch patterns weaving through the project. Waves, checks and seed stitch – you’ll never be bored when knitting this up! The result is a sampler that doubles as a highly textured dishcloth- and is completely reversible.  While the pattern is completely charted, this is a great project for newbies, as there are only 2 stitches to keep track of. We knit our version in Dishie to wash our dishes, but this pattern would be great for scarf too – knit it up in a yarn like Swish and simply repeat the full chart at least 6 times or until it’s a length you like. You’ll have a fun scarf to wear this winter plus you’ll impress your non-knitter friends with your skills!

Be sure to download this fun pattern at the links below – and check back here each week to see the newest pattern.

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  1. Kimberly Napier / June 25, 2017

    I love it.