Fourth of July Chill Zone: From Patriotic Socks to Pop Rocks!

We hope you’ll have a great long holiday weekend if you’re in the US. Even if you’re not, we have some suggestions for some great patterns, snacks, drinks, and music that will make your American Dreams come true! Set up your Fourth of July Chill Zone, and find your Summer happy place, even in the heat!



In your own 4th of July Chill Zone you could:



  • These stars – a bunting? Hair clips? An afghan?
  • mason jar cover – great for that block party where no one can find the cutlery!


  • These Oreo Pops – anything with sprinkles is a summertime win.
  • This layered jell-o “salad” – be “old school” and bring it to your picnic!
  • This popcorn – pop rocks plus popcorn!!! Please report back and let me know if this is good. Unless I make it first.


Plus, our Jenny has put together a Fourth of July Spotify playlist for you HERE!

Could your weekend get any better? Enjoy!