Book Sale Pick – Geek Knits!

I proudly admit I am a huge geek – you should see my bookcase – so ever since Joan of Dark (AKA Toni Carr) contacted me about her new book awhile back, I have dying for it to be released. And now my dreams have come true – and even better, it’s part of our book sale! Check out Geek Knits!

Geek Knits on

These 30 patterns are all fun and funky, inspired by the best of fantasy and sci-fi books, movies, tv shows, pop culture, music and much more. And Joan of Dark managed to pull together some very familiar faces for the amazing photos, shot by Kyle Cassidy.

For instance, where else could you find author George RR Martin, posing with a knitted (and adorable) Dire Wolf?

GRRM and Dire Wolf

(it’s even knit in Swish DK and Aloft!)

Or what about Mythbuster Adam Savage in the Harry Potter-inspired Muggle Artifact Sweater?

Adam Savage - Muggle Artifacts

Or how about the wonderful author Neil Gaiman (listen to his audiobooks – they are some of my favorites!) in a Sherlock Holmes inspired hat and scarf?

Baker Street Hat - Neil Gaiman

I seriously could just post every picture from this book but I will refrain (But NPR’s Peter Sagel in a zombie headband! John and Sandy Carpenter with a horror inspired book cover! Bunnicula!). If you are a geek like me, I encourage you pick this up – you’ll have so much fun! For goodness sake, they have cat/dog sweater, inspired by Star Trek!

Where No Dog (or Cat) Has Gone Before

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  1. Jos / July 7, 2015

    Ha I should have read the post instead of just looking at the photos..

  2. Jos / July 7, 2015

    Is that Adam Savage from Mythbusters modelling the vest??