Flanders the Flamingo

I have all sorts of knitting projects hanging out in the shadows these days. I’ve gotten into the habit of picking up my Hue Shift Afghan and knitting a few rows, then setting it down to work an inch or so on a pair of socks and then I get some tea and pick up my second Foreign Corresponden’ts Scarf and fiddle around with that until I get bored. Wash, rinse, repeat.

There’s really no end in sight for any of these projects, and that’s ok, but I was definitely craving a short project that I could start and finish in one day. I found this Flamingo pattern by Susan B Anderson and decided to give it a whirl. I cast on after my first cuppa tea in the morning and finished sewing his eyes by lunch! Such a sweet, quick pattern AND I wound up with a cute little knitting buddy perched on my couch arm for the rest of the day!

His creaky little legs, curvy snout and picot-edged wings add the perfect dash of charm to this really simple little project. I found the perfect pink in Shine Worsted (Blush) for his body and used the lush Papaya Heather in Wool of the Andes Worsted for his dandy little legs and wing tips. The pattern also says that you could stuff his round tum-tum with a Spalding Hi-Bounce Pinky Ball which charmed me to no end! I didn’t have one on hand this time, but I can’t wait to knit a second little bird buddy and pop one in the next time.

What do your in-progress baskets/bins/bags look like these days? Have you started transitioning to lighter spring knits?