Finishing Spree!

Inspired by Stacey’s finishing spree, I had her snap a picture of my recently finished project – the Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard! As soon as I came across this pattern in the summer issue of Knit Scene, I knew I had to make it right away. The pattern called for a linen blend and immediately, I thought of CotLin.

Usually, I am slow and methodical when it comes to picking a project. I will think about a pattern for a week or two, and then if it feels right – I move onto finding the perfect yarn. Finally, I pick out a color, which is always the hardest part. As you can probably tell, this makes my normal timeline for finding a project to starting an actual project quite drawn out. So, when everything fell right into place as soon as I saw the Radian Yoke, I knew I just had to go with it!

I ordered my yarn, CotLin, in the Linen colorway and swatched as soon as I got it home. Knit from the top down, you can tell that it makes for an extremely speedy knit as soon as you finish the yoke section. I just love the way the cotton and linen blend feels, it is soft and light enough to wear throughout the summer months.


  (here is a picture of my new Radian Yoke, thanks Stacey!)

Also, I find myself knitting lots of accessories and endless amounts of lace in the summer months. To mix things up a bit, a few years ago I decided to make at least one vest/shirt/tank each summer and this project fit perfectly into my plan.

What do you like to knit during the summer?