Finished Vest

I have been terrible at taking pictures and blogging about finished projects. I really, really have been knitting as much as ever, and here is a little proof. This is my Nederland Vest (from the fall 2008 issue of KnitScene) in Gloss DK. I love how this yarn drapes and fits so well. The pattern doesn’t have waist shaping because that is right where the argyle pattern is happening, but the Gloss DK does a good job of making up for that with a curve-skimming drape.

I made some modifications in the armholes because the shoulders were too wide for me. Part of that involved steeking because I was too lazy to rip the shoulders all the way back. I just crocheted together half of one knit stitch with half of another knit stitch along the line where I wanted the armscye to be, cut away the extra fabric and picked up for the ribbing just inside the crochet chain ridge. Magic! I didn’t have any trouble with the Gloss DK stitches running away – they held very well in the crochet chain that I used to secure the steek.

I also love the way the Gloss DK worked in stranded colorwork. The stitches plumped up in the warm bath and filled in any of my tension mistakes for a very smooth finish. The main color is Doe and the accent colors are Woodland Sage, Mulberry, Marsala and Fedora. <