Finding a perfect Diadem project

When Diadem arrived at the office, I was in love.  I immediately grabbed my 3 favorite colors (Emerald, Moonstone and Azurite) to play with…but then I had a problem.  What to make?  I love these three colors together and knew I wanted something stripey but deciding on what would be perfect for this yarn was making me crazy.  I thought about another Color Affection but I was worried I’d run out of my precious yarn. I started Lee Meredith’s Waving Chevron Scarf but didn’t like how it was coming out (not the pattern’s fault by the way, it’s a great pattern).  Finally, I grabbed my hooks and decided to go with a simple crochet chevron cowl.


I went with a basic double crochet Chevron Stitch (from The New Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques). I fully admit I am terrible at crocheting back & forth (uneven edges ahoy!) so I opted to crochet it in the round instead.


Which worked out nice for my striping pattern – I decided to use Moonstone in between the darker colors to brighten it up a bit and did 1 row of each color.  I stopped when I thought it was tall enough (in this case, about 7.5″).  The final circumference is 32″ – perfect for wearing under my coat for a little pop of color on a dreary winter day.


I’m almost sad it’s done – Diadem was so nice to work with.  Now I’m back at square one – I need to find another perfect Diadem project to work on!

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  1. Beverly Roberts / November 15, 2013

    Lovely! One of these days I really must learn to crochet :O