Bulky 2013 Pattern Collection


It’s a rare day when the weather manages to cooperate and we’re able to do a photo shoot outside without some sort of cover here in Portland and I’m always delighted when I can book a model and schedule time with our photographer with a clear forecast on the horizon. I keep a running catalog of “this would be so great to shoot the next time we have some nice weather” places around Portland and this time Mississippi Ave. in NE Portland had its turn as our location of choice for the Bulky 2013 pattern collection.


Good weather comes as a mixed blessing and we wound up shooting the bulkiest knit collection of the year on a steamy 98 degree day in late July. We’re running so far ahead of each catalog that rarely does a collection actually get shot in the same season as the catalog that arrives on your doorstep. Our model was such a trooper with these wonderfully cozy knits as we tromped up and down the street looking for backdrops!

For the green Ayri Tunic we used a small patch of rich wood siding on the Rebuilding Center after hours (such gorgeous, deep wood tones!) before we discovered a beautiful fence covered in jasmine in an alley around the corner. I definitely wanted to contrast the beautiful, heavy fabric of the Maddie Hoodie with the delicate white flowers and I just love the shots we got.

My little mental story for this one was that our model was headed to a late Sunday brunch with her friends up the street and just tossed on her favorite cardigan to cozy into over a cup of coffee and plate of french toast. Oh, that sounds even better now that the weather has turned chilly and the leaves have dropped!


I love improvising locations, like this brick wall that is the front for an amazing dance studio (we could hear the great music through the open windows just above the model’s head). We got quite a few surprised glances from the students coming out in tank tops and shorts as they dodged around us for this Fen Edge Coat shot.


We used a shop front with cute little light strings in the window for the Bryant Park Vest (look closely enough and you’ll spot all the t-shirts in the window!).


The Everdene wrap was shot in front of a warehouse at the very beginning of the street and I just love how that crisp metal surface contrasts with the chunky, eye-catching Spruce yarn. The owner of the building even popped her head out to make sure we weren’t spray painting the building and gave us a big “thumbs-up” when she saw that we were just taking some photographs. The big bin of sweaters I was toting around must have looked fairly suspect!


Even old steps to nowhere can make an excellent back drop for chunky accessories like the Chunky Cabled Scarf and Hat pattern. Now the weather is solidly “autumnal” and it’s time to actually knit and wear some of the gems. The Maddie Hoodie looks even cozier now when I’m on my brunch runs on the weekend and the Chunky Hat looks perfect for keeping that old whistlin’ wind off of my ears.

But, you know what that changing season also means? Time to shoot the collections for spring!

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  1. Aida F. / November 14, 2013

    I LOVE them all, GORGEOUS, especially the red vest and the last purple set!! Thank you for sharing. 🙂