Finally! a completed Project, well almost….

I love to knit… the only problem is time… it escapes me… the older I get the faster it goes!!! but finally I get to say I finished a knitted project! How exciting and satisfying it is to be able to say that…

Earlier this fall, I was looking through an Interweave magazine and spotted the Every Way Wrap… it was gorgeous and I wanted it! I looked through my stash and found a considerable amount of Mainline (cotton/wool blend). I decided it would be perfect for this project. The first thing I did was enlarge the charts… (old eyes). the second thing I did was label the cable symbols on the chart (makes it so much faster than to keep looking at the legend… and then the knitting needles were flying… in dribs and drabs… but every week I was making visible progress… and now I can say it’s finally it’s done…

Well the knitting is done. Now I have to remember to go to the store and get the buttons… ok, so I finished this wrap 4 weeks ago… I just don’t believe in rushing things!!!! (side note: woe is me, another true confession time… Alison was helping me get some pictures of the project – and it’s amazing what you can see when you put a good light on the subject!!! I discovered that mainline Wedgewood and Shine Wave (both now discontinued colors) are the exact same color – only Shine has, well shine!!! so I now know that 2 1/2″ of the ribbing is in the wrong yarn!!! to rip or not to rip, that is the question!!!!)

I love the reversible cables! (this picture is the wrong side of the wrap!) and the way the wrap rolls to create a collar looks terrific! This will keep me warm on these cold winter nights.

May you find warmth in a knitted to wrap you made for yourself! and have a very Happy New Year!!!
–Kim <