DPN or Two Circulars or Magic Loop?

As modern knitters we are blessed with a potentially mind-boggling array of new methods for knitting.

For centuries knitters used Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) for knitting small circumference items like sleeves, sweater necks, mittens, etc. But, with the advent of circular needles, knitting with two circular needles became another method.

When Socks Soar on Circular Needles came out, we had quite the civil war in the building. I, for one, completely converted to knitting with two circulars.

Then, Bev Galeskas wrote The Magic Loop and I embraced that method. I prefer to think of myself as an early adopter rather than fickle.

Since then we (knitters) have seen dozens of new books focusing on using one, or all three methods to knit socks. Here is where the confusion begins.

“How do I convert a pattern that is written for DPNs so that I can knit using the Magic Loop Method.” Or, “I much prefer knitting with two circulars but I’ve fallen in love with a pattern written for Magic Loop, what do I do?”

Since any of these three methods can be used to knit ANY small circumferences, socks, hats, mittens, sleeves, I believe every knitter needs to understand a basic premise that applies to ALL THREE METHODS! Each method is only a different way to hold stitches. That’s all! The sock pattern, or mitten pattern, or sleeve pattern doesn’t change!

In the interest of full disclosure. I have gone back to DPNs for sock knitting. No reason, I just like the feel. But, I am using Magic Loop for a Knit Buddy project I’m working on now. I would use Magic Loop for sweater sleeves because they can be bulky. Remember, these three wonderful techniques are there for you! There is no right or wrong way!! <