Desk Slippers!

Hi Knitters!

I’ve been very busy since getting to KnitPicks, but I wanted to share my first project as a KnitPicks employee with you before I wear it out!

I’m not the only one around here who likes to kick off her shoes and make her desk a more relaxing place to spend time, right? But, most workplaces frown on us wandering around in our stocking feet. So, my first order of business around here was to knit up a pair of desk slippers to wear around the office! I chose Shamrock, a heavy worsted wool yarn, for it’s warmth, cushionyness (it is so a word!), and pretty color changes. In fact, you can see me knitting the first slipper on Harmony straight needles in our Knitting Community banner!

Having my handknits in use at work is so comforting and home-y, that I’m now wondering what else I could knit for my office. Backrest? Phone cozy? Any suggestions?

PS- I didn’t include the pattern information in my post! Bad Knitter! Here it is:
I used Ysolda Teague’s Grownup Booties pattern from her e-book, Whimsical Little Knits. The sizing on this pattern was esily adjustable, and they were super fast and easy to knit in Aran weight yarn, like Shamrock. <