Designer Interviews for New Summer Shawl Kits

Summer seems to have gotten a late start this year, but it looks like the sunshine has come just in time for all of the wonderful new shawl kits! And of course, Kerin kindly shared her inspiration for the colors and designs behind these shawls – some of which come from the most unlikely of places! But it just goes to show that inspiration is around us everywhere.

The Season’s Shawl for this summer is bold, bright, and full of color! It reminds me of walking through the Rose Garden here in Portland and just taking in all of the beautiful colors. Inspired by spring and summer blooms, the stitch pattern transitions throughout the body and grows outward into a scalloped edge that resembles flower petals. Watch the video below to hear Kerin talk a bit more about the Season’s Shawl!

The Diatom Shawl is another kit that is simply stunning, amazing and truly a work of art. It is available in three different colors, and I love them all – especially the neutral kit! When I first talked with Kerin about the Diatom Shawl, I was completely amazed when she told me just what exaclty was the inspiration for this shawl. Watch the video below to find out what sparked Kerin’s imagination for this kit!