Desert Color

After a pretty busy summer, I was finally able to take a vacation. Of course for me, vacation equals very little human contact and lots of dust. It was off to the desert for me!

I love the high desert of Oregon, and spend as much time there as possible. When I’m back in civilization, I notice that I tend to favor desert colors in decor and clothing. So it should come as no surprise that the colors of Wool of the Andes Superwash that I’d picked out to play with are straight out of no-man’s land.

Having a vacation with no phone, internet or electricity also meant that I had time to actually make something. On the drive out, I cast on a scarf for my husband. When I came back, it was done!


I’ve started a matching hat to go with it – I’m not quite halfway through yet, but already I’m thinking I might have enough yarn left over to make some gloves, too.


It’s nice to be knitting again – I’ve dug so deeply into crochet that I’d forgotten how relaxing a little K2, P2 ribbing can be. Now, if only this heat would subside so my hubby can wear his new scarf! At least it’s a dry heat…

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  1. neurasthenia / September 14, 2013

    Great colors, and a very handsome scarf! I love the desert too.