Andean Treasure


Have you taken a peek at Andean Treasure lately? It’s one of those yarns that I forget about until I see a project in it and then I’m instantly reminded about how wonderful it is. This time it was the utter adorableness of the photo we just took for the catalog.

While we were listing off yarn lines that needed new photos for catalog, Alison mentioned that she had a few alpacas at home and I remembered that I a friend of mine had one kicking around her apartment and before I knew it, we had a small collection of super cute alpacas clustered on my desk ready for the shoot! You can even see a picture Jenny snapped of one alpaca riding to work in her purse on our Instagram feed.


After my interest in this lovely alpaca yarn was piqued, I remembered Ann Weaver’s Partition Cardigan – a lovely combination of Aloft and Andean Treasure from the Twentieth Century Graphic pattern collection. All the garments are graphic and simple but BOLD with the vibrant colors and large sections of color.


Andean Treasure knits up into a dense fabric that is lightweight but super warm without all the bulk that is usually associated with cozy fabrics. I’m so glad that our cute alpacas tickled my memory because it’s just about the right time of year when I start reaching for a hat when I leave for work. I bet a hat in Andean Treasure would be light weight and breathable but cozy enough that I won’t have to layer it with another one (even though some days are just so darn chilly!).


It might even work for my sister who commutes to Boston on the train every day, I’ll let you know if it is! Did you knit a project from Twentieth Century Graphic? What about a project in Andean Treasure lately?

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  1. Edita / September 16, 2013

    love it 🙂