Dan’s Fancy Sweater

I’ve knit Dan a number of sweaters over the years, both pre- and post-marriage, and a few months ago I pulled the stack of not-worn-very-often knits out of his closet and had him put on a little fashion show for me. Let’s just say that I’ve learned quite a bit about sweater shaping and design over my knitting career, but (sadly) Dan’s sweaters came before all of that fancy knittin’ book learning. Too-tight necks, gaping collars, short sleeves, ridiculously long sleeves, too much/little ease, every major sweater disaster was present. So, time for a New Fancy Sweater for Dan!

I love Norah Gaughan patterns, and she had just written a booklet of men’s sweater patterns that were perfect for Dan’s wardrobe: clean lines, detailed without being fussy, and interesting textures. Beagle has double moss stitch across the shoulders and these nice slightly-fancy ribs that run up the torso.

I’m a big fan of Wool of the Andes for sweaters – it softens after blocking with a little Kookaburra, and the heathers make the neutral colors just a little more rustic and rich.


Pattern: Beagle by Norah Gaughan (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Wool of the Andes in Bittersweet Heather, 12 skeins to make the 40″ chest
Nickel Interchangeable Needles
, US size 5