Crochet Crazy!

Ever since Kim and Jenny K taught me to crochet a few weeks ago, I’ve been on a roll! I’ve hardly put the hook down.

I grabbed some scraps of Brava Bulky in Black, White and Dove Heather and made a few Granny Squares to make a pillow! The squares are all done and ready to be attached – I’ll just have to pester Kim again next week to show me how to put them all together. I’ll sew a pillow base with some of the beautiful fabric from Connecting Threads – which, if you’ll believe it, I have almost as much of as yarn!

I’m really excited – it won’t be a beautiful thing, but I’ll always remember it as my first ‘real’ crochet project!

Since I’ve tried and failed at crochet so often, I figured that the best way to really hammer home the stitches and get some muscle memory would be to just keep crocheting a giant granny square. I really wanted it to sink in. I found some mis-dyed Chroma that we couldn’t use for anything else, and set to making myself a little blanket!

It’s really pretty little – not much more than three feet square. But it’s so warm, and while I was working on it I kept getting compliments on the colors. And here I was thinking it was ugly! My husband was even amazed, saying that I must have advanced quickly to be able to get that many colors in there. Ha! The yarn does all that for me – gotta love Chroma. And what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!

Now, what to crochet next? I can’t wait to learn more!