Podcast Episode 201: Crafting for the Holidays

This week, Jenny and Stacey chat about what is on every knitter and
crocheter’s mind this time of the year – holiday crafting! Both Jenny
and Stacey share a list of their favorite knit and crochet designs for
the holiday season. Find out what makes or breaks a project when it
comes to crafting for the holidays and what go-to books (and eBooks)
knitters and crocheters should be sure to check out this holiday season.
We really love the holiday crafting season and had so much fun sharing
our favorite projects and patterns. So consider yourself warned: in our
holiday crafting excitement, there might be excessive uses of the words
cute, pretty and adorable in addition to lots of “squeee”! And as very not-so-subtle hints for our family and friends, we also talk about what tops our very own wish lists.

Jenny’s Pattern Picks:
Chubby Crochet Owl Family by Tara Schreyer
Knitted Kitchen Dishclothes and Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham
Jane Cabled Hat and Elizabeth Hat by Jane Richmond
Cloudy Sunday Sleeveless Sweater by Hilary Smith Callis
Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein

Jenny’s Book Picks:
Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight
Weekend Hats by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre
Cowl Girls by Cathy Carron
Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne
Knit Notes by Nadine Curtis

Stacey’s Pattern Picks:
Jumbo Gnome by Anna Hrachovec
Pip & Emma Crochet Scarflettes by Sara Kay Hartmann
Graham Scarf by Erica Jackofsky
Thistledown Hat by Kalurah Hudson
Sherrington Vest by Megan Goodacre

Stacey’s eBook Picks:
Around the Barnyarn by Natty Knits
The Woodsy Association by tiny owl knits
Rabble Rousers by Hunter Hammersen
Fresh Designs: Hats from Cooperative Press
Jolie with Pointy Sticks by Kristen Hanley Cardozo

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