Crochet Away Your Peculiar Insecurity, in Sixty Minutes or Less!

I wear a lot stuff around my neck, a fact that I only fully grasped during a recent clothing cull. I mercifully stopped counting after the twentieth scarf but, even so, it all seems excessive until you consider my persistence in wearing them. The very unstudied guess here is that I wear scarves, say, 90% of the time. Now while I could claim that it’s an aesthetic sensibility or just plain cozy, most likely it’s because I find my neck rather long and goofy looking. I mean, is that too strange? Is that totally unheard of? At least I’m not complaining about my nail beds.

Whatever the reason behind it all, now’s my time! I’m the annoying person who likes annoying weather and it’s bulky scarf season.




I made this neckwarmer in approximately 1.5 episodes-of-Kitchen-Nightmares-on-Netflix (which I consider a legitimate measure of time). I used lovely Wool of the Andes Bulky in “Desert”, so even though the project is in very swift and straightforward double-crochet, the marbling effect makes it seem far more special and styled; it’s a sneaky/helpful tip, my favorite kind.






Since I’m staring dead into the eyes of a four-day weekend, suggestions for unusual scarves/neckwarmers/their ilk are welcomed and encouraged! O, and have a great holiday everyone. I personally can’t wait to enjoy my childhood Thanksgiving favorite, yet again.