A Gift for Kitty

I have fond memories of my grandparents visiting from the East Coast and unpacking little bits and treasures from the hidden pockets in their luggage. I’m gearing up for a short, but lovely trip to the “other” coast in May and I wanted to bring as many little knit gifts as I can fit in my luggage. I’ve been running through my mental list of everyone I will see when I visit, making sure that I have something for everyone. Yesterday, I realized I was leaving out some very important members of my extended family: the kitties!

Pets love presents too and a new toy is usually an easy, fast knitting project that can be tucked into the nooks and crannies in your travel bag. I found the sweet Nibbles the Mouse pattern on Ravelry yesterday and got busy with my double pointed needles and some leftover pieces of Palette I’ve had at my desk. I used White, Conch and Sky for these little guys and stuffed them with some wool roving to make them extra firm. I didn’t sprinkle catnip inside because I’m worried the cats will eviscerate these little guys too quickly but I imagine you could sprinkle some on top instead. Catnip Sprinkles!

Each of these little fellows took about an hour to knit and I imagine I’ll probably knit a few more on the plane because I don’t think I’ll be able to part with these first two! They’re too sweet and they look great perched on top of my computer moniter here at work.

Do you guys bring presents for pets when you travel? I’m having trouble coming up with some quick surprises for the canines on the East Coast, any ideas?