Color My World

One advantage your LYS has always had over is ease of browsing. Just walk in the door and your eyes scan all the different colors they have to offer. Maybe one or two jumps out and catches your eye. Maybe you’re looking for that perfect shade of blue to compliment your nieces bright blue eyes or a funky purple that will match your favorite winter parka.

In person, its easy to spot those colors, but online, you’re looking for a Palette Silver needle in a Swish Worsted Gold haystack.

No more! We dug through our countless skeins of yarn and grouped them all by color for your browsing convenience. On the left-hand side of our Yarn pages, you’ll see a “Yarn Color” drop-down displaying every color of the rainbow plus grays, blacks, browns, multis and more!

Underneath each color you’ll find the weight, fiber content, and price along with a link to more colors in that yarn family.

And remember – you can click on each color to view a full color image and color description and drag each color in your window to compare.