Color Affection

I realize that many many people have been writing about the Color Affection Shawl (almost 3000 projects on Ravelry!). I actually completely missed all the buzz around it & only found out about the pattern when Jenny showed it to me one day when we were discussing patterns with interesting construction. And as I have approximetly ten thousand skeins of sock yarn (that I had to buy because I thought it was so pretty, of course), this seemed to be a good project to take on.


I dug through my stash to find the perfect color combination.  Of course, in most of the combos I came up with, I kept thinking “well, if I just had this particular skein of Stroll Hand Painted, it would work perfectly” but I didn’t let myself buy any more for a pattern that I wanted to be a stashbuster!  So I ended up with a crazy color with two solids:

That’s Stroll Bare on top, Lotus Yarn Chakra (teal), and Socks that Rock in Flash Mobbin’ on the bottom.  As soon as I decided on those colors, I grabbed my needles & cast on!


I can see why this pattern is so popular – it’s nice mindless garter with increases on each end to make it interesting.  I’ve had a lot on my mind lately so having a relaxing project to work on was very soothing.  And then the third section is made up of short rows, which I oddly love. It’s made a nice project to have on hand while zoning out watching baseball games, visiting family members or catching a movie.

I’m finally on the border so I’ve been daydreaming about future Color Affections, especially with the release of our new sock yarn colors!  Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

Greens! (my favorite color!) That’s Stroll Tonal Springtime & Canopy and Stroll Aurora Heather

Greys – Stroll Dove Heather, Ash, and Black

Blues – Stroll Wonderland Heather, Stroll Tonal Pacific and Stroll Handpainted Coffee Shop

Pink/Grey – Stroll Tonal Pearlescent, Stroll Handpainted Legwarmer, and Stroll Tonal Summer Blooms

The fun thing with this pattern is even the craziest combinations look great – I love looking at what Knit Picks yarns people have chosen for their projects on Ravelry. And when I was playing with our yarn swatches, I didn’t even get into the 120 colors of Palette!

So give me some of your suggestions!  What colorways would you put together?