Classic Lines Cardigan Tuesday

I feel like I’m back in high school! I used to make up schedules, breaking out big projects into manageable pieces and then check my progress against those small goals. I have to admit that Check-In Tuesdays had the effect of a weekly quiz. Sunday morning I realized that I needed to get going or I would be in a lot of trouble on Tuesday! 🙂

Not that I didn’t want to work on my cardigan. It’s just that the days seem to slip by so quickly. I loved having the reminder to slow down and take some time out for a nice long knitting session. I smiled, set up my Kindle and knit all day Sunday! And, knit more on Monday, etc.

Look at my progress!! I had 7″ last Tuesday. Today I have 13″ and my final goal is 19″. You can see the little green flag WAY up on the ruler! I’m learning how to carry my sleeve around the office to take advantage of short meeting or slow internet responses. I believe I may just make it to the top of my sleeve by next Tuesday! <