Classic Lines Cardigan Tuesday

I’ve decided to take advantage of the tried-and-true method of weekly check-ins to move along my KAL. Knowing that I expected to show some progress each Tuesday will be a strong incentive. It’s not that I’m bored with my Classic Lines Cardigan. And, I absolutely love it! It’s just that I tend to let other knitting or housekeeping duties or out-of-town visitors get in the way. A weekly check-in will move the cardigan up on my priority list.

I suspect that the key will be having my cardigan easily available all day. Then, discipline myself to take it with me when I head down the hall to meet with someone in their office. Even quick meetings would allow me a few rounds of knitting.

This may sound draconian but I don’t feel like that. I really want to have this sweater ready for autumn. Must get going!!

Today’s photo shows about 7-inches of the first sleeve with the body (up to the underarms) in the background. I’m knitting it using the Magic Loop method. I am making the increases every 6th round when I add in the third strand of yarn. It will be very easy to match with a second sleeve so I am only doing one at a time.

I am so excited about my Classic Lines Cardigan Tuesdays!! <