City Tweed HW Fetching Mitts

It seems like everyone else in the office is knitting with City Tweed, and I wasn’t, so I felt left out! Friday, I grabbed a couple balls of City Tweed HW (color – Lemon Curd) and printed off the pattern for the Fetching Mitts. I wasn’t ready to start an entire sweater, but these days of fickle spring weather make a pair of fingerless mitts still really useful. Once I started knitting with the City Tweed, it was really hard to stop! I’m lots farther along than this photo, but haven’t had a chance to take a more recent photo – because I can’t seem to put the needles down…..

Also, as a die-hard magic looper, this project is a bit different for me. I decided to use DPNs because the cables go different directions on the two hands, and I thought I might get confused if I knit them both at the same time using the magic loop technique. DPNs are really fun to knit on, and they draw interesting comments from casual observers 🙂 <