I was actually going for more of a gradated-sunset-kind-of-look with my second sock blank, but since my cherry blank completely exhausted all the dye in the red Kool-Aid (to my surprise!), I only had lemonade and orange left. I decided to wing it and try mixing 1 pack of orange with some red food dye and a splash of vinegar and see what I’d get.


First I dumped the whole blank in the pot of boiling lemonade until it exhausted the dye.

Then I dipped the bottom 2/3 of it into the plain orange Kool-Aid and stirred it around.










Then I finished it off by dunking the bottom 1/3 in the red/orange Kool-Aid + food dye bath.










The final blank looks kind of tie-dyed and citrus-y which is pretty cool. It’s very bright and summery.













Both sock blanks are Bus-approved.










If you want more tips on Kool-Aid dyeing, I love our Kool-Aid dyeing tutorial, it’s really helpful. You can get it for free here.