I really wish I’d had these when I was a kid.

When you were a kid, you know how your imagination was able to turn your hand into a T-rex? Or a fierce lion? Or… anything? Or how your dad’s old sock could transform magically into a sea monster, just by putting it on your hand?

Well, I sure do! Bring that magic to the young’uns in your life with the Critter Mitts kit!

These fun, silly mitts are actually functional mittens that will keep both the hands and imaginations warm. The kit includes six characters:

T-Rex versus Triceratops! (BIFF! BAM! POW!)

Lion Versus Zebra! (RAWR!)

Platypus versus Sea Monster! (umm… Blorp?)

…and then some! These mitts will fit about ages 4-7 (your mileage may vary! They almost fit my little hands…). But, because I know you’re thinking it, there are suggestions in the pattern on how to size them up to adult size. You’ll need a little extra yarn if you want to do that, but it’s worth it. 😉

These mitts will transform the school bus stop, the line at the grocery store, and the backseat of Grandma’s car into a stage. These are mittens your kids will not want to lose!

The kit comes with eleven balls of Wool of the Andes and the pattern; the sense of play and imagination is all up to you! No need to search through dad’s sock drawer now. 🙂