Christmas is right around the corner!

Can you believe that Christmas is only 10 days away? And Chanukah is already here!!

I’m 90% done with my holiday knitting, I have a few more ends to weave in, and two edges to reinforce with crochet, and then I am DONE! I think I’m going to make it, but if I don’t, at least I have these cute downloadable IOU’s as a back up. It’s nice to have a contingency plan.

I’m planning on including our printable care labels with my knitted gifts this year (my sister accidentally felted the cowl I made her last year, oops!) and while I’m at it, I’ll probably use the gift tags that match.

If I have extra time, maybe I’ll even knit Grumpy or Lumpy as package toppers out of stash yarn. Don’t you love holiday freebies? How’s your holiday knitting coming? <