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A Photo Session With Linus

I love any opportunity I get to photograph my little buddy, Linus. Once upon a time he helped us with a video for our old Special Reserve yarn, Sugarbunny and he was the little cutie modeling a knit sweater on this very blog a few weeks ago. Yesterday, we got to take advantage of his very accommodating personality (and his ability to hold still lying on his back all by himself) to take some fun photos with Palette.

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A Sweater for Linus

Remember this guy? Well, our little spokesbunny, Linus is doing well and getting into all sorts of mischief, even in the colder weather we've been having. He loves to race around outside when the sun is out and lounge around the house when it's blustery out. Every four months or so Linus gets a pretty major haircut because of the way his fur grows. He goes from looking pretty impressive and regal one moment to rather sheepish (but happy to be free of all that extra weight) the next! He just had his first shave of the new year this past weekend and he's been frisking about the house every since but it's been SO COLD outside the last few days that he's been cooped up inside because I was worried he'd be too chilly without his fur coat. He's definitely been missing his weekend jaunts in the garden and has started racing around the house and being generally pretty pesky. Thus began the search for the perfect pet sweater pattern.

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