A Sweater for Linus

Remember this guy? Well, our little spokesbunny, Linus is doing well and getting into all sorts of mischief, even in the colder weather we’ve been having. He loves to race around outside when the sun is out and lounge around the house when it’s blustery out.

Every four months or so Linus gets a pretty major haircut because of the way his fur grows. He goes from looking pretty impressive and regal one moment to rather sheepish (but happy to be free of all that extra weight) the next! He just had his first shave of the new year this past weekend and he’s been frisking about the house every since but it’s been SO COLD outside the last few days that he’s been cooped up inside because I was worried he’d be too chilly without his fur coat. He’s definitely been missing his weekend jaunts in the garden and has started racing around the house and being generally pretty pesky. Thus began the search for the perfect pet sweater pattern.

I looked at all sorts of dog jackets, and cat sweaters over the weekend until I found the Perfect Fit Dog and Cat Sweater (Pattern Generator, Top Down) by Jessika Lane. I loved the story about her little tripod dog and thought that the shaping she used to get a good fit on her little buddy would work really well for Linus too. I really liked that I could plug in all of his rather odd measurements
and get a custom sized sweater that would fit him right down to his round little tummy!

I grabbed a ball of Stroll Sport in Winter Night and Wool of the Andes Worsted in Whirlpool and got down to business. It took just one afternoon to whip up such a small sweater and I really love how it fits him! I popped it over his head and took off scampering down the path as usual, he didn’t even think twice about it!

The way the pattern is set up, and the number of custom measurements you take would make this pattern perfect for dog, cat, rabbit or any other little charmer in your life. I think a little sweater for my sister’s rascally little mutt is next up on my needles! How have your pets been with the colder months so far? Do they have any special accessories to help them navigate the slippery sidewalks or blustery winds?

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