Button, Button, who’s got the button?

Such a little thing, the button, but it sure can make a good project look great!  Searching for that perfect button can also be a pain.  Each store usually only a select amount – typically somewhat standard, one button fits all.  But what if you want that special button that will wow your garment without running all over town (or further)?

Here at Knit Picks, we understand this dilemma.  We have so many projects in each catalog that requires buttons, and not just any button. So now we now have the perfect solution. Buttons! Buttons! and even more Buttons, right at your fingertips!


We have a combination of over 250 different styles and sizes of buttons (and are always adding more)! Now the problem, which one to choose? There’s too many for me to show you here, but I thought I would pick out some of my favorites.

When a button is not needed, but a clasp is, we have several clasps. Here are three of them:

Instanbul Clasp Buckle; Trivet Antique Brass Clasp; Classic Antique Silver Clasp.

Sometimes, when you have a simple cardigan or jacket, the perfect button will turn it from plain to giving it the “wow” factor:

Keepsake; Vencenca; Antique Frame

Dress Up

There are many buttons with unique shapes perfect for that one or two button sweater.  These are my favorites:

Aspen; Clock; Antler Toggle


Then, if you just can’t decide which button to use, we have cards where all the buttons are different designs, that way you can put several different buttons on one garment. The quandary of picking a button is solved! How about a card with different vintage buttons for your “one button” projects like these:

Stitched Buttons; Glazed Buttons; Vintage Buttons


I’m such a button person, that I might just pick out the buttons I like and then find the perfect garment to go with them. Are you looking for a button the special garment?